Dog Multivitamin 120's

Dog Multivitamin 120's

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A multivitamin and mineral formula for dogs providing nutrients that are gentle and bioeffective.

 All round multivitamin and mineral for dogs.

This is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs. Contains human food-grade raw materials manufactured in GMP licensed facilities. The product is designed to complement a good diet and to elevate levels of important nutrients for optimal health

  • Doggie Multi is designed to be safe and effective if used at the recommended dose
  • Provides a full range of minerals including trace minerals
  • Also provides good levels of B vitamins, along with added vitamins C, E and K
  • Vitamin B12 is at a good level and provided in the bio-effective form of methylcobalamin
  • With vitamin D3 (the best supplemental form of vitamin D)
  • Contains folate in a gentle and bioeffective  form of methylcobalamin.
  • Doggie Multi - 1 tablet provides on average:
    Active Nutrient Strength %NRV*
    Vitamin A 250µg
    Beta Carotene 2mg
    Vitamin D3 5µg
    Vitamin E 3mg
    Vitamin K2 30µg
    Vitamin B1 6mg
    Vitamin B2 6mg
    Vitamin B3 4mg
    Vitamin B5 5mg
    Vitamin B6 2mg
    Folic acid as 5-MTHF 50µg
    Vitamin B12 As methylcobalamin 55µg
    Biotin 25µg
    Vitamin C 50mg
    Iron 3mg
    Copper 0.5mg
    Iodine 30µg
    Zinc 3mg
    PABA 3mg
    +NRV = Nutritional Reference Value
    * Indicates no NRV

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