Cedarcide  For Flea, Tick & other insects

Cedarcide For Flea, Tick & other insects

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Cedarcide Original is ideal for pest control, moths, flea, tick, ants, and other insects -


 Gives protection, and staying bite-free in the outdoors. Designed for People, Pets, and Home.

 Made from all-natural cedar 10% cedar oil in 90% silica oil Cedar Oil

 Cedar- Dehydrates, Disrupts Pheromones, Suffocates and Emulsifise most insects in all stages of life, from egg, larvea to adults stages.

 Ready-to-use spray

  Dries quickly and will not stain

 Fresh cedar scent - From the Red Cedar Tree.

 There are certain scents that insects hate, and that is cedar.

 TIP: Try using Cedarcide on a bandanna to create a natural flea collar by adding a few drops of Cedarcide Original.

 Great for cats and dogs.

Texas Cedarwood Oil is the naturally occurring essential oil from the wood of the native Texas Cedar ( Juniperus Mexicana) . The oil is recovered through the physical separation process of partial pressure steam distillation . No additives, solvents or chemicals are used at any point of the recovery process.

  NOT FOR USE Bees /hives or Birds and very small animals. The results are based on your own commitment and may vary for each situation, based on a variety of physiological, and anatomical variables of infestations by insects

 Cedarcide Original is a safe, all natural, non-toxic insecticide made in the USA.

 Cedarcide Original is a versatile cedar-based solution that is fast and effective on everything from general insect control to major infestations.

 Cedarcide Original’s quick-drying, non-staining formula makes it great for personal, pet and home use. It’s safe for people and pets of all ages, and can be applied directly to the skin as a repellent.

Cedarcide Original kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, mites, chiggers, ants, flies, moths and more.

Made from 100% natural ingredients


Safe for children and pets

Kills insects in all stages of life


Non-staining and skin safe

Both lab and real world tested

 Free From SLS or parabens

  • Ingredients

     Cedar Oil 10% and hydrated Silica 90%.

  • There are CAUTIONs with Cedarcide

    DO NOT spray directly into the face of your pet or near the eyes.

    Keep away from open flames as this product is a flamable oil.

    IMPORTANT - Do not use this product near benfical insects such as Bees around or near a hive

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I use Cedarcide Original on my cat?

 Because cats like to lick their fur, and because they’re extremely sensitive to scents, it’s best to test for possible sensitivity with a light initial application. While Cedarcide Original is non-toxic, on rare occasions smaller cats and kittens have found the natural cedar scent of Cedarcide Original too strong for their liking.

 If like most individuals, your cat takes no issue with Cedarcide Original, apply the formula by lightly misting your hands and massaging the spray into their coat. Be sure to apply Cedarcide Original all over—including armpits, in between toes, and around the ears and tail.

 What do your products smell like?

 Our products are toxin-free, so don't worry—there’s no nasty chemical odors. As you might have guessed from our brand name, nearly all our products have a natural cedar oil smell.

 Can I fog with your products?

 Of course! Fogging is often the best option when facing serious pest control issues. We recently improved our Cedarcide Original formula to increase its efficacy, which means it’s now slightly more dense. Because of this change, we advise using only a half gallon of Cedarcide Original when fogging, as opposed to the previous suggestion of just under a gallon. With the increased efficacy and lasting power, you can also expect a little more cleanup compared to the previous formula.

 CAUTION - Natural Enzymes.UK.-Does not sell fogging machines to the public from the website or take any responsibility of the miss use of Cedarcide when used in a fogger purchased from other outlets.

Always follow the foggers insuctions and never use near open flames. Cedarcide is an oil and it is flammable.

Where are your products made?

 All of Cedarcide products are handcrafted and American made in Lewisville, TX.

What’s the difference between Cedarcide Original and Tickshield?

 Both products are naturally sourced insecticides & repellents designed for personal, pet and home use. Tickshield is simply an extra strength version of Cedarcide Original. (Because it’s a stronger formula, Tickshield should not be used on cats, smaller dogs, or animals under 20lbs.

Which product do I use on myself?

We offer two naturally sourced repellents for personal use: Cedarcide Original, and its extra strength counterpart, Tickshield (Tickshield is recommended for hikers, campers and other outdoor activity in need of added protection).


Cedarcide Original is our naturally sourced pesticide and repellent for indoor use.

Which product do I use for my pet?

 Cedarcide Original is our most popular product for protecting pets from pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Our other pet specific products can be found here.

 What type of cedarwood oil do you use?

 We use highly refined Texas cedarwood oil. Our cedarwood oil never contains phenols or phenolic compouds.

 Can I use Cedarcide products on my small animal, birds or reptiles?

 Our products are not designed for pets smaller than cats, so we advise against using them on such animals. Cedarwood oil, the core ingredient in most of our products, can be harmful to birds and reptiles, so please do not use Cedarcide products for this application

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