Natural Worming for dogs, Written by Tami McFadden

The subject around worming can make us feel a little yuck, but it is important to really know a little about these parasites. Believe it or not, some can even be beneficial for some people.See here for details:

But what about worms and dogs?

Let us look a little more into a few of the most common worms, how we may prevent worms in dogs, and what to do if we think our dog has worms. 

Hook Worms

These really do sound gruesome don’t they? These clever but tiny worms hook onto the intestines feed on blood,their eggs go through and burrow onto the skin, into the digestive tract and out in the feaces. Young hookworm can live in the soil and are easily passed on this way, with dogs that eat feces and also from the mother and even in utero.


This is a worm that is often heard of and more commonly identified by most people in a dogs feces, tapeworms look like dental tape yet, but aren’t quite as handy! Weightloss is often seen if there is a relatively high burden. Transmission can be from fleas when grooming, from other dogs,but also  ingestion through another animals feces. Aren’t dogs delightful at times?

Round worms

The most commonly seen in puppiesl. Rondworms feed off partially digested food in the intestines. These worms are often described as looking like pasta or rice and are common. Roundworm larvae can lay dormant and trigger in pregnancy. 

These little worms are feisty and can be ingested in feces, but also just by sniffing it! Just one of these worms can lay over 80 thousand eggs in one day, quite tenacious we think. 

Whip Worms

Interestingly these worms are seen more in senior dogs. They attach themselves to the lining of the intestines. The eggs of a Whip worm is pretty sold and reported to be able to live in the soil for several years. Whip worms are rarely reported to migrate to humans, unlike other worm species. Dogs can ingest whipworms from the soil or feces.

Worm Treaments 

When using a chemical worm treatment it is very harsh, a little a kin to paint stripper. If there is a high worm burden and this is how you and your veterinarian wish to treat, go get those worms. However, using a worm treatment when there is no burden can have the opposite effect longterm.

How? By causing damage to the integrity of the gut biome, leaky gut, colitis, IBD and all manner of illness can start to take a hold once this is out of balance. Auto immune conditions such as Arthritis, skin issues and a general decline in health can occur once a dogs body is weakened, these conditions aren’t always traced back to over worming. With random 3 monthly worming and not checking the burden first, the dogs health isn’t as robust, Worms and other parasites such as fleas and ticks can also take a hold, those very things you are trying to avoid in the first place. If you do have to use a wormer there are ways of helping with gut restoration afterwards.

If our dogs is display any of these signs that can’t be explained by a recent event, we complete a wormcount .

Pale gums.


Weight loss.

Bloody diarrhea.

Itchy, especially paws

Pot Belly



Always test for worms and treat only if there is a burden. Not only will this help a dogs health, but the environmental impact on flora and fauna is immense.We have many worm kits available, here is a subscription multi pack.


We Prevent So We Don’t Have To Treat

Although they sound gross, can have serious health implications, there are many ways to aid prevention and still let a dog eat some dirt, grass, the odd bit of rabbit do do and still not be affected. Wormcount free for 12 years in my 13 year old dog.

Lets look at some ways we can help

A fresh diet, appropriate for the individual dog. This could be a balanced cooked diet for dogs or a raw diet for dogs. Essential, real food for dogs.

Feeding real food to dogs helps overall health and longevity, no animal or human ever got maximum health with a processed diet. The diet can be gently cleansing.

Our Flea, Tick and Intestinal Health Supplement was created to aid a dogs immune system using adapagenic herbs alongside gentle, yet effective parasitic antagonists, and therefore prevent internal and external parasites.

This in food supplement is gently cleansing whilst being kind to the dogs gut health. A body in balance finds it easier to repel unwanted visitors.

Here are a few worm recipes you can add to the food during a full moon, just for a few days. This is when worms are at their most active. Give Mr Slobberchops  supplement a rest for the three days you use these recipes, then resume.

Spring Worming

Washed clivers (roughly tablespoon)

Quarter teaspoon crushed pumpkin seeds

Grated carrot (roughly tablespoon)

Little chopped Basil or Oregano (just a pinch)

Soak in teaspoon ACV with Mother for 20 minutes or longer,and pop into food. 

Summer Worming 

3 tablespoons fresh cucumber with the skin removed, or courgette with skin.

Quarter teaspoon crushed pumpkin seeds


Half teaspoon chopped/crushed Thyme

Tablespoon chopped coconut meat

Soak in teaspoon ACV with the Mother for 20 minutes or longer,

Autumn Worming

Grated pumpkin or butternut squash

Quarter teaspoon crushed pumpkin seeds

Tablespoon grated turmeric

Small pinch Cinnamon

Soak in Tablespoon ACV with the Mother for 20 minutes or longer,

Winter Worming

Tablespoon grated parsnip or carrot or half of each

Quarter teaspoon crushed pumpkin seeds

Quarter teaspoon grated ginger

Soak in ACV with the Mother for 20 minutes or longer.

Feed these seasonal recipes.

The combinations are not set in stone and can be mixed up or made your own.

These amounts feed approx:

Quarter teaspoon once daily for three days for dogs 6kg and under

Half teaspoon once daily for three days a dog 17kg and under 

Teaspoon once daily for three days dogs over 17kg

Dogs over 40kg teaspoon and half.If any of these mixes aren’t liked or cannot be tolerated due to allergies you can try one of these options:

Leave out ACV if it is a real issue, try a little squeeze of lemon instead

Adding them to goats yogurt with a little honey (if the dog is a year old or more)

Sprinkle on a little cooked liver

Mixing in a little almond butter

Mixing in ricotta cheese, with or without honey.

Wishing you all wiggly free wishes!

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