Why is my dog still getting ticks, By Tami McFadden

What is used for Fleas and Ticks?

Vet Prescribed Flea and Tick Treatments

Bravecto, Nexgard and Simparica are well known and used for fleas and ticks. Recent research and reports are showing more worrying side effects so always research before using.  Look at the safety reports and know that there are many more reactions that do not get reported.

But do they work? On the hole, do they kill fleas and ticks? Yes, although there is a but, and it is a BIG one.

All of the above pesticides get to work on the flea or ticks nervous system, leading to their demise. These chemicals are in the pets system for quite some time. If there are reactions   you cannot just switch it off and take it out. Many reactions aren’t always connected or listened to and so aren’t reported. 

These treatments contain Isoxazoline , which is a Neurotoxin

The neurological reactions reported are often severe and can be irreversible, there may be itching, sickness, neurological issues or even death.

These issues aren’t always instant, and can commence years after constant use of the products after they build up in the system over time. (It is also why the reported data isn’t a true reflection on the number of reactions.) Not all dogs are able to dispel these chemicals naturally. Some dogs' detoxification pathways aren’t up to scratch, this can be due to a carbohydrate heavy dry and processed food, or perhaps a genetic or health issue. 

In the USA the FDA (Food and Drug agency) has issued a warning about these products, there have been class action lawsuits, and consequently there are now warnings on the box.



The diseases ticks bring are nasty, so we owe it to try and prevent the best we can. Knowing the chemicals do not prevent but kill once on or inside the pet, leaving behind possible life changing side effects hopefully will help you decide which methods you use.

We think the sheer number of reactions warrant heavy research, it is a personal decision but should be an informed one from unbiased sources, not just your vets. Look at the scientific research, talk to those who have had a reaction, are you willing to risk it  for your dog? Join this group and have a look at some of the reactions:


None of the above are preventatives, they kill the ticks and fleas once they are on the dog. 

A tick has to bite the dog in order for it to be killed when using the above products. 

Prevention is better than cure as the old saying goes.

Natural Flea, Tick Prevention

In 30 years, with 12 dogs during this period of time,  we have used a varied and layered approach to preventing fleas and ticks. Four of these dogs have been testers for our own products, the others, we used a variety of products, this is where we started dabbling in making our own.

These dogs have been 8 week old puppies, up-to 19 year old dogs, different pure bred dogs, plus a few of mixed and unknown parentage!. All the dogs were healthy, with 4 that had poor nutritional starts from rescue but that bounced back after diet was changed and healing had taken place.

All of our dogs have always been either fed cooked or raw food over these years after coming to us.

We strongly believe that nutrition is a key part of a dog's overall health, longevity and keeping unwanted visitors like fleas at bay. Real food will always remain superior from a health perspective for any living being. Processed food is a poor substitute and harder on the system.


The odd flea has hopped on over the years but not taken a liking to the host so chosen not to stay on its own accord. 


Ticks are less disconcerting so this is when it comes down to using those preventative methods. 

There are quite a few things on the market you can use as prevention. 

What Can I use for fleas and ticks?

There are many sprays used before a walk you can buy. Our own Don’t Bug Me spray has been a well loved staple of many over the last ten years, Cedarcide and it’s cousin KG Spray have good reputations also, Ekoneem should also not be discounted.  There are so many, and also some you can make yourself. These are all simple, effective prevention. Layered with other methods like fresh food, supplements, collars and natural spot on’s it can all be quite effective.

Buy Here:  https://mrslobberchops.com/collections/fleas-ticks?page=1

As effective as layering these lovely natural products can be, there will be some ticks that fall through the cracks, some dogs more prone than others, there isn’t one product that will be 100% effective ALL of the time. It isn’t that the products aren’t working, it is just the manner of ticks, some get through the barriers. If you try leaving every layer off you can see the difference. If there is a flea problem, then I would look at changing something in the diet to aid a stronger immune system and dispel them naturally longer term.

Help, My Dog Is Epileptic

If you have a dog that has epilepsy or prone to seizures it can be tricky to navigate what can be used, chemical treatments are an absolute no with these dogs, many have had reactions to them in the past and here we now are, those that are epilpetic for different reason need to be aware that the chemical flea and tick medications contain neurotoxins. 

We also advocate not using essential oils on these dogs or cats. An Amber collar can be tried, the Mr Slobberchops Supplement may suit, KG spray has also been used successfully with Epileptic dogs we have seen locally.If seizure triggers are known this can be helpful, if not then it is trialling each product to see which suits is best.



As with anything, any animal or human can have a reaction to anything, snow has even been reported!

It is always best to do a patch test when using any new product, no matter what it is or is made from, especially for those sensitive souls.

The takeaway from this is that sometimes, despite what is used, there may be some ticks. 

Keep using preventative methods, check your pets daily during a nice massage or brush. We find a flea comb or greyhound comb a must for going over the coat after a brush or massage. A summer suit may also be worn for those who despite everything just seem to get ticks more than others. Feed a fresh diet, and enjoy the Summer. 

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