Superfoods For Dogs / Spirulina. Written by Tami McFadden

This green wonder is a blue, green algae densely packed with all things good for dogs.

What Does Spirulina Contain?

High amounts of calcium

Approx. 60%protein

Vitamins A,B,C,E ,K

Essential fatty acids, (GLA), providing anti-inflammatory properties.

Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Beta Carotene

Spirulina has long been known to be gentle on the gut & a lovely immune modulator. Recent studies have shown Spirulina helps with food intolerances & allergies.

With antibacterial properties, possible enhanced blood cell production, helping the body overcome yeast issues, fight infection & used in the war on cancer, we think you will agree this little powerhouse is worth keeping in the cupboard to share with the whole family.

Spirulina for dogs can be used to bump up those anti-oxidents for general health.

Used alongside cancer treatment Spirulina can prove helpful in enhancing radiation and chemotherapy therapies in dogs.

Spirulina is also often given to dogs with Liver and Kidney disease. 

Link to the recent study:

How Do I give Spirulina To My Dog?

Try adding a spoonful on a dish next to a clean bowl of water & letting the pet choose to take what is needed. We do this in the garden to avoid green floors!

Stir in natural goat or sheep yogurt.  These can be partially frozen in hot weather.

Add Spirulina to a mashed banana, some crushed sunflower and pumpkin seeds, roll into balls and give neat or dehydrate for treats.

Add to the last few minutes of a Bone Broth for Dogs. 

All in all we think you will agree, Spirulina packs quite a punch and we think it deserves it's Superfood title.


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