Upset Tummies in dogs / Slippery Elm. Written by Tami McFadden

Some know Slippery Elm for it’s ability to aid a upset tum, but did you know it is so much more. 

What can Slippery Elm be used for?

Gastro issues such as colitis, IBD, Crohns, Leaky gut

Reflux,Coughs & upper respiratory problems



Food Transition

Soothing on the urinary tract


How can slippery elm help my cat or dog?

Slippery Elm really is one we should all have in the cupboard. This soothing & versatile herb can come in very handy.

The inner bark of the tree is used, this contains, but not limited to: vitamins A,B,C,Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Beta carotene, Selenium, Zinc.

Slippery Elm soothes the lining of the gut, modulates the gut function & has an inflammatory effect on all mucous membranes.

Dog With Colistis?

Slippery Elm is most known for aiding gastro issues, it has a soothing effect and can be helpful for a dogs upset tum caused by a dog eating things they shouldn’t have, but also in cases where gut healing is needed, in cases of leaky gut for example, flair ups from IBD, Colitis etc being high in fiber it can help both constipation & diarrhea

Help, My Dog Has Kennel Cough

Using Slippery Elm during a bout of kennel cough, along with locally honey (if over the age of 1) can not only be soothing but halve the time spent with it.

Add hot water to honey & slippery elm to make a syrup that cats as well as dogs can enjoy in cases of coughs or as needed to soothe. Aloe juice can also be added to the mix. Given to those with lung disease and infection it can prove soothing.

Ear Issues in Dogs

Add some plantain into Slippery Elm into the food and this can aid ear troubles, using a tincture and mixture of SE not down the ear but the inner flap if there is one can also help soothe and take down inflammation externally. Many dogs get ear infections, Slippery Elm can be of great use.

Dog & Cat with Skin Irritations 

Mixed with a little water, honey &/or pure aloe vera gel ,slippery elm can be added to slight skin irritations & as a poultice for foreign objects until medical advice is sought.

Food Transition

Using Slippery Elm when changing a cat or dogs diet can aid a smoother transition, especially for those sensitive cats & dogs.

Urinary Tract

For those with bladder infections or cystitis, Slippery Elm has been known to soothe the bladder lining.

Endangered Herb

Over recent years Slippery Elm has been endangered, however it is coming back through the fabulous work of many who have tried to rescue, replant, grow & save the species, there are now more sustainable sources coming back. Marshmallow root is also often used in it’s palace or mixed in.

Be Safe

Caution using Slippery Elm with medication as it can effect the absorption, always give two hours away from any meds. 

Follow guidelines on packets and seek the advice of a medical practitioner before using with any medication. 

Dosages will depend on the animal, the ailment and the form it comes in, liquid, powder etc, follow guidelines carefully.

All in all, Slippery Elm remains poular for all pet guardians & for good reason we think, we are never without it in our kit.


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