Natural Dog Treat Boxes

Natural dog treats, treats for puppies, toys for dogs, supplements for dog health & natural ways to prevent fleas, ticks & worms are some of the things we have been asked for, over and over. So Mr Slobberchops dusted himself off and started choosing the very best products available for dogs and created some beautiful packaging. It's great for friends, family or just because!

Our quality natural dog treats are carefully sourced with a no rawhide promise. Mr Slobberchops himself disapproves of treats from China so they are not allowed through the door or into our boxes.

Mr Slobberchops has started giving a paw of approval to products; so keep an eye out for his reviews as he is a fusspot at best. He also gives what we think are strange ‘top tips’ but who are we to question "Sir Fluffybottoms", aka Mr Slobberchops, he answers to many things when he feels it’s in his interest!

Our Christmas, Birthday & Gotcha day boxes come with cakes for dogs, made for us by the dog boutique bakery, The Life Of Riley.

Our dogs eat a healthy, fresh, raw or cooked diet all year round. One cake treat once or twice a year really isn’t going to harm them, just like a takeaway once in a blue moon for us human folk. Dogs aren’t with us long enough, so cakes for dogs are a like a celebration for them.

A Puppy Treat Box can make a great gift and has plenty inside to keep a puppy entertained such as natural treats for a puppy to chew, (and save those table legs we say!) Brain enrichment and chewing for puppies and dogs is calming on the whole body and brain. Who doesn’t love to watch a puppy play with a toy, they do so with such vigour and joy. Natural training treats for puppies had to also make it into the puppy box.

Please join our Puppy Club and make use of the fortnightly guidance sheets and professional information written by Jasmin Mason Karuna of Canine Behaviour, and gain money off coupons and a free gift upon graduation.

Our natural treat boxes can be added to with more treats, toys and health products, these will be added to over time.

Our core ‘Shop For Health’ range has some real staples for the cupboard, everyone needs Slippery Elm for starters. Do you have a poo eater? Try offering Spirulina once or twice a week next to some water and see if it makes a difference. We could wax lyrical about these powders all day, and will do so over and again, they deserve blogs of their own. All have been carefully chosen and sourced for our own beloved pets as well as those who reside with you and more than likely rule your homes too.

Keep an eye out for our natural flea, tick and worm prevention products and kits coming early next year, although some may be available before then. One very special product is still in the testing stage and will be worth the wait, especially for those sensitive dogs. More details on those to come in the near future.







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