Keeping A Dogs Teeth Clean. Written by Tami McFadden

Keeping a dogs teeth clean can mean a healthier dog all round. Not putting a dog through surgery to clean teeth and gums has got to be on everyone's wish list surely.

Dogs & Cats can eat raw meaty bones, raw chunks of meat, and whole fish  natural dog treats will also create a chewing and brain enrichment experience, all the while cleaning teeth. Chewing also can help with Separation Anxiety in dogs and provide a calmer dog.

Remember to always supervise, and ensure the bones are non weight bearing & size appropriate, (larger than the jaw) and NEVER feed cooked bones.

What to feed: If Raw

Meaty chunks a plenty……... there is so much to choose from.

Necks: chicken, duck, lamb, turkey, venison, goat.

Wings: Chicken, Duck, Goose, Turkey.

Raw trachea, often called  moo or baa tubes, also great for joints and squeaky teeth cleaning

Ribs: lamb, venison, goat.

If you do not feed raw?

Lightly cooked meaty chunks usually go down well.

"Are Antlers ok for my dog to eat?"

A word of caution on hard dog treats and bones. If you have an avid chewer, one who would eat until there was blood from their mouth and every morsel is gone, we do not advocate giving marrow bones, antlers or anything super hard as these dogs can break teeth. One of mine will have a little gnaw and then leave the chew, the other would happily eat every bit of a bison on the lawn! She does not get marrow, it is important to choose for the individual.

Natural Dog Treats

Dried: Trachea, Pizzles, Moon Bones, Furry Ears, fish skins, yak chews, Buffalo and Cow ears. This is pretty endless. 

Kibble will not clean teeth! Telling someone kibble cleans teeth is like telling us to use crisps instead of a toothbrush!

Dentasticks are recommended by some health professionals. We find this shocking due to the ingredients within them. The poor quality, high carbohydrate ingredients turn into sugar.  We are all aware what sugar does to teeth, as well as this, it plays havoc on the gut microbiome & this in turn impacts health negatively. If you have ever tried cleaning your teeth with a mars bar first thing in the morning, you know it doesn’t work.

Sometimes a dog can be predisposed, genetically, to have poor dental health and can require a clean, or teeth taken out under anaesthesia. 

Inflamed gums & rotten teeth can lead to periodontal disease, this then can lead to other serious health issues, heart disease in dogs being one. So always get this checked & operated on, if needed.

If surgery is needed there are some lovely supportive homeopathic remedies available to support for before & after surgery. 

In humans there is research that having a general anesthesia has in impact on the gut health, and therfore the brain and overall health. Although there is no research in dogs and cats for any results months after surgery we are led to believe there can be changes, especially in older or dogs with dementia perhaps. We would urge anyone with a pet going through any surgery to ensure good gut health and the use of any needed supplements and probiotics to aid a full recovery.

A good probiotic afterwards can help support & aid the microbiome to normality.

Give gentle soft foods for a couple of days such as cooked white fish & courgette with a little dill. 

If you have a dog who prefers not to chew, or you use a brush as well, there are many different options available. You can use muslin on a finger but there are finger tools available to buy as well as pet toothbrushes, plus a doggy safe toothpaste. Some groomers offer different types of sonic teeth cleaning at regular intervals.  It is best to get pups accustomed to teeth cleaning from the start.

Lucaa Dental Spray has been getting great feedback. You can buy it here: 

Pure Aloe Vera Juice that is ingested and used on a cloth in the mouth can be soothing and have benificial properties.

Instead of buying toothpaste you can make one, not only saving money you will also know exactly what is in it.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Recipe

You will need:

1 Toothbrush or muslin to apply to teeth.

2 Tablespoons baking soda

2 Tablespoons melted coconut oil

Pinch ground dried parsley or lemon balm.

Pinch dried mint

Tiny sprinkle of cinnamon. Lots of other recipes can be found, have a play. 

Mix & brush. Cover & keep in the fridge to use as needed.

If you are brave enough to brush the cats teeth, power to you!

For long-term health we can all agree it is important to keep those gnashers clean & if at all possible, avoid surgery, clean teeth make for a healthier heart and therefore overall health long-term.

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