How to create a Calmer Dog. Written by Tami McFadden

The act of chewing for a dog is something that comes so natural to them. They are hard wired to chew and it is our job to help them facilitate it.

If you have a nervous dog, one with a high energy or a dog that possibly has separation anxiety, a good chewing experience can be the best medicine.

Chewing releases endorphins in dogs, which has a calming effect on the brain and whole dog.

Help, My Dog Has Separation Anxiety

For a dog with separation anxiety, give them a natural dog treat or an appropriate raw meaty bone to chew once you are home. They become more settled as it can help them release stresses and pent up anxiety. 

Things That Might Help My Dog With Separation Anxiety

Raw meaty bones and Chunks

Natural dog chews

Yak Chews

Fresh food

Plenty of Omega 3 in the diet

Soil Based Probiotic

Slippery Elm

Walks with plenty of sniffing stops

Scent work For Dogs

By creating brain enrichment activities with hidden food, scent work for dogs, natural dog chews and appropriate chews for puppies, you are aiding a quieter mind and a happier dog. There are great scent work clubs and classes all over the country. Man-trailing clubs are also on the rise and can be really enjoyed by you and the dog.

Sniffing Dogs

A shorter sniffy walk will help calm a dog over a fast paced marathon of a walk. Every sniff is a like an article for them to read. It is relaxing and helps a dog to read other dogs and the current situation around them. Sniffing can be relaxing for a dog. You can create more sniffing experiences in your own garden, hide food and toys, let them forage and sniff.

Throw out the ball thrower, these can be detrimental to a dogs joints over time and can whip them up into a frenzy. Sniffing, chewing, slow things down, calm your own energy around them as well as they easily feel our emotions. 

Doggy day care can be stressful and over stimulating for some dogs. If your dog goes to a day care facility and comes home wired, it may not be the best place for that individual. A meaty bone or natural dog treat can help them unwind.

A Missed Walk Day 

A rest day is a lovely thing for a dog. The opportunity to unwind, process the sniffs of the last several days and the outside world in general can be super beneficial for your dog. A missed walk is a mini stress detox. A meaty bone or quality natural dog treat or chew can provide a little calming entertainment. 

Dog Massage

Sit and massage the dog if they like it, get to know every inch, brush them  if they like it, slow and calm, enjoy being in the moment with the dog, as you breathe slower, they will respond and calm also.






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